Shortly after Dr. Chu opened her dental office on North First Street, my family I became her patients. Very early in our experience, we began to appreciate her expertise and responsiveness to our questions and concerns. When she opened a second office location at River Oaks, we found that we had another option for appointment times and locations. This has been helpful to us. We are happy to recommend Dr. Chu and Pacific Bay Dental to anyone seeking excellent dental care.
—Don Etten


We have been patients of Dr. Chu’s for over 10 years and we are fortunate to have such a wonderful dentist! The quality of care that she provides along with her genuine and gentle approach to ensure comfort and efficiency makes her truly unique and special.
—Debbie & Ulysses


Through the competent and caring work of Dr. Chloe Chu, I got that perfect smile that I had always wanted with Invisalign. Dr. Chu makes her patients feel like she truly cares about them. She’s one of the best. I always look forward to seeing her. In fact, I now do cleanings every four months! Dr. Chu uses some of the more advanced technologies in her practice which help her to provide the best possible dental care.
—Scott Forsgren


Dr. Chu does what she does very well. She is confident, efficient, quick, and cheerful. The staff is very nice and friendly.
—John & Tazuko Ozag


I was extremely reluctant to see a dentist because of a previous bad experience. I was referred to Pacific Bay Dental by a family member and thought I should give it a try. My first experience with Dr. Chu and the Pacific Bay Dental staff was more than a positive experience. The staff is personable. Their office is state of the art. They made sure that I was comfortable and at ease. They are accommodating as well as punctual. Dr. Chu and staff took the time to know me including listening to my nervous apprehensions. Dr. Chu is very knowledgeable. She would not perform a procedure unless I understand what it entails. She will make suggestions and other alternatives if I preferred it. Dr. Chu and staff has renewed my faith in dentists. I enjoy my visits to the dentist now because not only is Pacific Bay Dental a service provider but they are like family.
—Catherine Borillo


From my first visit with Dr. Chu, many years ago, I was impressed with her dedication to detail, her passion for the profession, and her drive to provide the very best treatment possible. My children never complain about having to visit Dr. Chu. That’s a real plus for a parent! Without any hesitation, I can say that she is the best dentist that my family and I have ever had the pleasure of being treated by.
—P. Tejera


I have been a patient of Dr. Chu for over eight years. She and her staff tend to all of my dental needs with care and professionalism. Dr. Chu is highly skilled. She’s also very sensitive, patient, caring, and understanding. She employs the latest dental technology and techniques. The work she’s done on my teeth has been top quality. I can’t recommend her enough. In fact, I’ve recommended her to many of my friends and relatives.
—T.C, Redwood City


I have been going to Dr. Chu for a number of years now. From my first appointment I was pretty impressed with her techniques, her knowledge and her personality. I have told her this many times. She is very good for her age and I love that she keeps up on technology and offers the latest services. For example, teeth whitening in 1 visit and in 1 hour. I didn’t believe it until I tried it. Thx Dr. Chu for providing great service and answering all my questions. I will not be switching dentists anytime soon.


I have been going to Dr. Chu’s office for more than 4 years and I have always been satisfied with the dental works she has provided. Dr. Chu and her friendly staffs have always greeted me with a smile and they make my trips to the office more enjoyable even though I never like the idea of having someone drilling my teeth. Last year I had both tooth whitening and Invisalign procedures done on my teeth and I am very happy with the results. (By the way, Dr. Chu’ office at River Oak has the most comfortable dental chairs :-) . Thanks,
—Quoc Pham


Dr. Chu has been my dentist since they opened River Oaks Dental. I’ve always been very afraid to visit a dentist, that is until Dr. Chu. She is so gentle, you almost wouldn’t even need the area to be numb. Dr. Chu and the office staff are always helpful and friendly to the point that you feel like a part of their family.
—Jenny Dictor


Dear Dr. Chu, I am very overdue in writing this letter of recognition and appreciation to you. After all, I have been your patient for the past 3 years. First of all, a little walk down memory lane. When I first came to the Bay Area, I was not sure that this is where I wanted to stay. I had left my home and daughter in Southern California where I had very strong ties. I had come to work in San Jose. Consequently, I kept my dentist in Southern California for a few months until I realized how impractical that was I rented a room in the condos off of River Oaks Parkway at that time. I walked in the evenings and weekends and noticed a sign advertising River Oaks Dental. I saw how close in proximity it was to where I was living and how convenient it would be to get my dental care at this location (River Oaks Parkway and Montague. It was literally walking distance from my place). I was very nervous about seeing a new dentist since I have had several previous bad experiences. I guess you might consider me a person with very high expectations since I too am in the medical field. As a nurse, we are often very high maintenance patients. I thought I would give you a try by first having a conversation with your office manager, Dean to see if I can pay for a cleaning. He was willing to work out a cash price for me, which I very much appreciated. In the meantime, I checked with my provider and your office and found out that you also accepted my insurance. So, the day came when I saw you for the first time. You were absolutely not what I expected. Sorry, sometimes we get these stereotypes in our minds. You made me feel very welcome not only to your office, but also the Bay Area. That meant a lot to me. I found you to be highly educated, young, and energetic as well as super friendly. In addition, I foundyou to be up on the very latest techniques in not only general dentistry, but also cosmetic, restorative and esthetic dentistry. Your office was beyond any I have ever seen in terms of modern technology and super immaculate. Everything is computerized and state of the art. I was super impressed. A one-stop shop. Now, it comes down to my overall care. I have been seeing you now for over 3 years and not once have I left the office in pain or requiring medicine for pain and as you know, I have had my share of “work” done on me. In addition, you have improved my overall dental health as well as smile. This has made me feel better about me. For this, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart. In addition, your staff is the best. Dean is an ace. His customer service to this high maintenance patient is superb. If I have questions about anything – billing or patient care, he gets the answers for me. Knowing that I have a very challenging schedule, I have always been accommodated with appointments. Another major draw to your practice is the ability to book Saturday appointments. How great is that! You also have another office on First Street as an alternative. Instead of dreading going to the dentist, I actually look forward to seeing you and your staff. I love hearing about the latest and greatest in dentistry from you. I have also learned how to care for my teeth so they last my lifetime. For this I am eternally grateful.
You have also recently become involved in the 501(c) 3 charity of which I am a board member, TurningWheels for Kids. Your commitment to children, their health and the community is awesome. You are making a difference and for that, a heartfelt thank you.
I find myself now, considering San Jose my home. You are part of that reason.
If I can ever speak to anyone about how great I think you are, I am your person. Thanks again for everything.
Donna Matney